Using a GitHub project board for your TODO list

Here is what my TODO list looks like today. It’s a GitHub project board. I stole this idea from some folks and it has made me feel way more productive at tracking what I’m working on.

I’ve often used various ways of maintaining my “work” TODO list: Evernote, Google Task lists, Email, a text file. The main drawback of all of these is that they are static lists.

Using a project board has afforded me a few things that I love:

  • Use markdown and cards to make more rich TODO items.
  • Link off to the things you’re working on, if you’re using GitHub issues.
  • Multiple columns to split your work up and track it.
  • Mostly *not* mobile friendly which means I stop checking it when I’m not at work (ie not on my phone).
  • Simple link to your TODO list.

I’m still afraid of being wrong.

Anyone can write anything on the internet, so maybe you’re wondering why you would want to read my blog.

Here are some things I’ve done that might convince you I have some collected wisdom on software development:

  • Worked at Oracle, Microsoft and GitHub as a developer, manager and consultant.
  • I’ve been working in various software industries, mostly tiered development (application server on top of a database), since I graduated from college in 2002. That’s a lot of years.
  • I’ve worked at startup-y marketing automation places, international hotel chains and on government contracts.

TLDR: I’ve seen a lot of ways to develop lots of types of software and I’ve been largely successful in my career.

That said, I’m also here to tell you I’m still afraid of being wrong. An imposter. Most days I make a decision and wonder if it was the correct one.

Just like when you look at someone’s Instagram posts and don’t see all the crappy days in between, it’s easy to read the words of software developers on the internet and think they have it all figured out. They are written in a voice of such authority. Even the stories of failure usually end with the author learning something or rising like a phoenix to the next challenge.

This is just a post to remind you (and me) that no matter what my qualifications may be I’m still never sure I have it figured out.